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  • Luke Rivera

Why Jordans Are So Expensive

Jordan's are a pair of shoes that can cost up to $300. The shoe in the picture is more than $500. Most people would not buy something that expensive and would get something else that is more beneficial for the same amount of money. But why are some pairs of shoes, especially Air Jordan’s so expensive?

Mr. Den Cabanlit gives his opinion on why Jordan’s are so expensive. He says, “I think Jordan’s are expensive because of the hype around it. The products aren’t necessarily more higher quality than others, but it’s the brand attached to them. It’s the same reason why people would buy Gucci or Louis Vuitton. It’s because of the name.” The Jordan brand is owned by Nike and it’s one of the most known brands for shoes. 

John Michael Cristobal also gives his opinion on why Air Jordan’s are so expensive. He says, “It’s because of the history and legacy of Air Jordan. Since Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players of all time,” said John. Michael Jordan played with the Chicago Bulls and won six NBA championships with them. 

So is it worth it to buy Jordan’s? Some people say it is, and others say it isn’t. But whatever the choice is, it is your decision. If you want to buy them, you can buy them, and if not then it’s your choice. But undeniably, Air Jordans are expensive. 

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