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May Day Canceled

Farrington’s May Day has always had a reputation as being one of the most anticipated and most well-known events here at Farrington, some even going mainstream; it’s been a way for people from different ethnicities to unite, celebrate their cultures, and encourage a sense of community within Farrington and across Kalihi. However, at the start of 2024, there have been some rumors circulating around campus that May Day might have been canceled. 

“It is not a rumor, it is a fact,” confirmed Theresa Schubert, Farrington’s Student Activities Coordinator. “According to Principal Carganilla, last year he informed us that after last year’s May Day, it would be canceled indefinitely.” When asked the reason for this major decision, Ms. Schubert said, “I cannot speak for him, but it was because I believe he felt that the Code Of Champions wasn’t being enforced properly with those who were participating in May Day.” The Code Of Champions is basically a list of requirements that students at Farrington must meet in order to participate in school events and clubs; it’s in place to honor the integrity and reputation of the school and the people who represent it.

This decision has been met with disappointment and anger at the fact that such a big and influential event will no longer be happening. “I was disheartened because when we first started doing May Day in 2002… we realized how it was such an amazing event for the community,” said Ms. Schubert. It especially had a bigger impact on the performers and people who worked on May Day who looked forward to it more than anyone else. After the decision to cancel May Day was made, there have been some discussions about other alternative events to replace it. “We have brainstormed doing a talent show, working with the performing arts academy,” said Ms. Schubert.

The impact of May Day being canceled will definitely have a long lasting effect on the future of Farrington High School; with this, there are less opportunities for students to connect with one another, especially with people with different backgrounds and ethnicities. Whether it will leave a huge impact and what sort of changes it will bring, it’s still too early to tell. But what is certain is that Farrington is undergoing big changes that might bring a positive or negative, or a mixed impact in the future. 

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