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Aloha mai kākou

Many words in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi do not translate well into English.  Manaʻoʻio - roughly "trustworthy" - along with the term Unafraid describes both the mission and the character of Farrington High School Journalists.  We do not shy away from reporting hard-hitting stories.  We strive to inform our community with integrity.

Our Story

The Farrington High School Journalism program was restarted after a brief hiatus following the COVID-19 pandemic.  Completely revamped to meet the needs of our digital age, Unafraid/Manaʻoʻio publishes continuous digital publications during the Spring with the goal of informing the Kalihi-Pālama community.  We end our publishing cycle with a physical journal featuring stories that reach our community and beyond.


Here at Unafraid/Manaʻoʻio, we are always looking for stories to investigate and report on.  In particular, weʻre looking for stories that affect the Kalihi-Pālama community (but weʻre open to any local leads).  If you have a lead, please contact us!

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