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Cafeteria Duty at Farrington

As we all know during class time, teachers have a turn to send in a certain amount of students for the cafeteria, maybe five students or more so that after class and during lunchtime they get to help with distributing lunch to hungry students, but what is the significance of this? Aside from regular academic skills, it's what is considered a “Besides Actual-School Credit” or so what’s heard from the cafeteria manager, or just considered community service for students to help out,

But what’s the opinion about Cafeteria Duty? According to Farrington High School's cafeteria manager, Alden Fernandez, thinks “It’s a good thing and also for the teachers because of less work and they get to be doing something else besides school work.” But aside from that, they say Farrington has financial problems, so what's going on with the cafeteria, do they have money to get new workers? Actually it's different, the workers are based on how many mouths there are to feed and you don’t just hire people you want, you get a certain amount of positions and a certain amount of hours and it depends on how many students are fed, depending on breakfast or lunch. There is 1 manager, 1 cook, 1 baker, and 3 cafeteria workers so they don't need to hire a lot of people, and Aldon says that “It's a set thing by the state, a formula that calculates how many meals you make is your labor per hour.” And so from everything that's been heard, students are just a helping hand and another experience from academic experience and it helps learn other skills.

But what about from a students perspective in terms of cafeteria duty? According to a student who didn't want to reveal their name, but we’ll just call him a good friend and surprisingly, the view about cafe duty was positive with the student saying “It’s a good thing, you get new learning experience by serving students food and helping out the staff and that we also learn life skills and helping out other people.” He even had a suggestion for the school lunch that it could have healthier options. In conclusion, the opinion about Cafeteria Duty has been seen as a good way for outside skills, sociability, and many positive things that prove helpful in life, good to know!

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