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Teens using video games as an escape

How video games help students' mental health

The United States ranks as a top gaming market when it comes to revenue. In 2022, the United States recorded record sales of video games with $97.67 billion.

“I love playing video games because they're fun and it is very therapeutic for me..." anonymous Farrington High School student.

These days video games can be played on numerous personal devices including smartphones and tablets. Video games first came out in the 1970s as an evolution of board games, card games, children’s games and other more traditional games.

Currently, the average gamer is 34-44 years old; 70% of teens under the age 18 are part of the video gaming market, while 64% of adults are gamers according to a recent statistic.

There are many reasons why teens play video games, including dealing with stress from school, meeting new people online and spending time with friends or themselves; some even see gaming as a possible career with the rise of eSports.

“I love playing video games because they're fun and it is very therapeutic for me especially if I’m having a stressful day,” said a Farrington High School student. “ I don't play anymore games at the moment but Roblox and Genshin Impact were my favorite games I used to play.”

“While I’m gaming I usually have Kubz scout or Flamingo playing in the background,” said another Farrington High School student.

While video games have their benefits in terms of dealing with the stressors of the real world, they also come with consequences to include insomnia and a disruption to a person's natural circadian rhythm. In spite of these pitfalls, gaming still remains popular amongst teens who turn to it as a form of escape.

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