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  • Kristina Asidera

Farrington's Art Show

What is the art show about? Students in Farrington High School show knowledge of visual perception and aesthetic sensibility in the art show

To learn more about the art display, I spoke with Vanessa Attardo, an art teacher at Farrington School who participated in the event. I asked her why it was called the "Nut Art Show?" Surprisingly, Attardo said, "My students voted on this title. It has a purpose in how it addresses art to accept my students' unique characteristics and flaws. They indicated that they cannot view themselves as worthy, but they do not recognize exactly how worthy they are.” It demonstrates how the title has a deeper significance than simply a name. I questioned her, "Why is art important?" Attardo goes on to say, "Art is important in where we can express ourselves and show our sense of style." Her replies, as well as the title of the art show, demonstrate how art can connect with the feelings of others on an emotional level, and how creating art allows individuals to communicate emotions they would otherwise be unable to.

I also interviewed another teacher, Ms. Ito, who was participating in the event. "What do you think an artist is?" I inquired. Ito said, "I believe it is a person who develops, expresses, or presents imaginative thinking and creativity. Where one may freely express their heart and thinking." She speaks on the importance of art in confronting one's concerns and emotions while also providing a feeling of purpose, happiness, and success.

The Art Show features many kinds of unique and flawless works of art. To understand more, a Farrington student, Sherisse Dela Cruz shared, "Where did you find inspiration for your art?" She says, "I find inspiration in my experiences, expressing my feelings and struggles while creating my artwork. It represents how my thoughts of being an only child can be and the feeling physically and emotionally of it. To be able to represent my artwork, I made use of my imagination.” Understanding the work of this art is inspiring and encourages human connection through the ability to relate. It is the sharing of values that cannot be properly expressed by words alone as an only child or not.

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