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Kawaii Kon 2024

Attention all anime lovers and gamers! Kawaii Kon 2024 has ended, and it was a massive success. Cosplayers gathered on Kalakaua Avenue, near Ala Moana Shopping Center, for three exciting days. Among them was Ayesha Cosio, an auntie of one of the students at Farrington, who not only attended Kawaii Kon but also ran a booth showcasing these items.

Here are some of the items sold by Ayesha Coshio:

When asked about her motivations for attending the convention, she simply replied, “Because I love anime” a sentiment shared by many attendees. She noted that others were drawn to the convention for the same reason. 

Coshio sold high-quality handmade bags at her booth, including characters from popular franchises. Depending on the bag, prices ranged from fifteen to sixteen dollars. When asked how others could secure their booths, Coshio shared to stay tuned for announcements and follow the procedures under the organizers. “It depends on your motives, it’s a great marketing opportunity to meet my customers in person and to create a community.” While attendees enjoy the convention, it’s an even more enjoyable experience for vendors like Coshio. 

Ki Lam Chan (a student at Farrington High School) was questioned about his experiences at the convention this year. “I was interested in going because last year my sister and her friends were going. She told me about all the voice actors and anime/comic vendors she met. She was able to go since she was a part of the anime club and got discounts on tickets, I wasn’t able to since I wasn’t a part of the club. My main goal was to check out vendors and buy some of my favorite brands.”

Chan’s always been a fan of anime and the material, he described himself as an avid enjoyer. “I was always in awe of the merchandise, the genres I’m into are slice of life and shonin (action).” He would go on to say how he knows that most of the people going there are anime fans and he respects it. When asked about his favorite part of the convention experience, Chan replied “My favorite part was the vendors and the activities you can partake in. Some vendors I was looking for were mainly Sanrio (Hello Kitty brand) plushies. I got myself a huge desk mat with Milk and Mocha Bear on it. And I enjoyed the mini rally RC car races.”

“To rate my experience, I do have to point out that it is very pricey and you should save up if you plan to go since not only is the price inexpensive, but some vendors want their money's worth, but if you saved up and are looking for a great haul, its 9/10 experience. Just make sure you have a plan before going.” Chan said he would attend next year's Kawaii Kon if some things were switched up and some vendors sold their best items. See you all at the next Kawaii Kon fellow anime fans.

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