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  • Angellhyn Tungpalan

Riding The Waves

Surfing is a water sport that allows students to connect with nature and ocean life. It has a significant impact on students who join surf teams, helping them with time management, team bonding, perseverance, and hardworking skills. It also teaches them about Hawaiian culture and how surfing symbolizes their cultural heritage and identity.

Brennan Kauila, who is part of the surf team, finds being on the team fun and suggests that people should join. "I enjoy surfing because it’s like a stress reliever every time I go out," Kauila said. It teaches him how to be respectful, improve social skills, and develop survival skills in the water. "Surfing helped me improve my time management because I have to focus on keeping my grades up so I can compete," Kauila said.

Brady Giusta, the head coach of the surf team, finds that surfing helps students in a lot of different ways. "Students learn CPR and first aid, how to read the ocean, life-saving skills, and how to perform rescues," Giusta said. Giusta also mentioned that surfing helps students with physical strength, social skills when working with different people, responsibility, and discipline. "The surf team is the motivation for students to keep their grades up," Giusta said, showing that students are not only keeping up with surfing but also maintaining good grades in school.

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