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Farrington's One-man Golf Team!

Logan Agunat is a senior and the sole member of the golf team at Farrington High School; he recently played in a tournament at Ala Wai Golf Course and scored 79 points, which tied him for 16th place. Agunat’s first time playing golf was when he was a kid. “I started playing golf when I was twelve,” said Agunat. “But I didn’t start playing competitively until my freshman year.” While golf is an individual sport, many may wonder why Farrington’s Golf Team only has one member. “Being the only member gets boring, and I don’t get to practice as often,” said Agunat.

When participating in golf tournaments, Agunat prepares various strategies and fosters a mindset to have the best chances of performing well. “I try not to expect too much and mainly focus on playing my game and sticking to what I know about the course,” said Agunat. After every tournament, Agunat tries to see what he could improve on. “I think I could improve on my short game… I have been seeing better results.”

However, Agunat’s journey in golf hasn’t been smooth; there were times when he felt like quitting golf altogether due to constantly underperforming in tournaments. “In some tournaments, I shot high scores that I wasn’t too proud of,” said Agunat. “I guess I felt like quitting, but If I did, I knew I would come to regret it because I enjoy playing golf.” 

With graduation coming up in a few months, Agunat hopes to make his time here at Farrington playing golf the best he can. “I hope to continue to play well during the rest of my tournaments,” said Logan. “If I’m good enough, I could have the chance to play college golf, and if so, I’ll jump at that opportunity.” As Agunat spends his remaining time here at Farrington, he’s ready to start a new path in his life upon graduating, one where he hopes he can include his passion for golf. 

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