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  • Sean Alonzo

Let’s Hear From Our JV Volleyball Team

Are you a fan of volleyball? Well, you’re in luck because the boy’s volleyball tryouts were held on February 12th at the Kitamura Gym. Junior Varsity (JV) coach Miguel Cadoy and two players, Kadan Ahlo and Justine Nicdao were interviewed about their opinions and goals for the upcoming volleyball season. 

JV player Justine has been on the team since freshman year;, he’s learned more about volleyball over the years and has improved his volleyball skills. He later tried out for the team again during his sophomore year because he loves volleyball and enjoys playing with his teammates. This season, he plans to play first on the court and lead by example!

Another JV player, Kadan Ahlo, shared a couple of opinions. “Volleyball first started as fun and an enjoyable sport, but as time went on I felt the need to become a competitive and dedicated player,” said Ahlo. He also shared his plans to improve his volleyball skills and develop friendships with the members of the volleyball team. 

As for advice, Coach Cadoy says he looks for athleticism, people who learn from mistakes, people who give their effort for the team, and last but not least, grades and attendance! He looks forward to teaching students the basics of volleyball, how it’s played, helping students grow as students, and how to achieve the goals they have. With that being said, let’s wish Kadan, Justine, Mr. Cadoy, and the rest of the volleyball team good luck for the upcoming season!

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