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  • Sean Alonzo

It’s Time To Rise To The Occasion Sophomores

From being President to coordinating Froshmore, Sophomore Council applications were open starting February 21 to sophomores who want to represent their class. Applications were on the Farrington High School website under the home tab. Sophomore Advisor Ms. Fuatino Manu and former President Clark Palting shared what makes a good council member and what it’s like to be part of such a wonderful group! 

“That’s a good question,” Manu said when asked about the characteristics of a good council member. She elaborated that one should be responsible, work well with others, have balance, be academically stable, have good time management, have good communication, and last but not least, be willing to learn new things; on the other hand, Palting states that leading 600 students can be overwhelming so it takes a lot of courage, responsibility, sacrifice, and balance.

According to Manu, approximately five officers are running, and thirteen committee members are running for many positions like prom or homecoming; a selection of people are candidates selected for these positions. Advisors look for letters of recommendation, petition signatures, and position requests. If comparing the city council and sophomore council, the requirements are similar: community engagement, collaboration, decision-making, and responsibility are needed.

“Go for it!” Manu said when asked if she had any advice for council applicants. “Courage” was the first thing Palting said when asked the same question. Both stated that being popular should not be a reason to run for council; one should run for the experience.

The Sophomore Council is a beneficial opportunity to experience what it is like to be a leader of 600 students. You may discover new opportunities, learn new skills, and use such power to benefit yourself and the other students. With that, sophomores, what are you waiting for? Sign up for council! 

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