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Alumni of Farrington High School

Patsy Dung, alumni of Farrington High School was a Physical Education teacher. Dung played a crucial role in establishing the University of Hawaii women’s basketball program and became the first head coach; she served from 1974-1979.

 played a significant role in many individual’s lives, serving as a beacon of leadership, integrity, courage, vision, and compassion. She took action and supported the younger generation by taking actions. Dung was cherished and regarded as extraordinary by all who knew her.

Mrs. Iva Tiave has been acquainted with Dung since 1974 when Tiave was a sophomore at

Farrington High School. “Patsy maintained communication with all her students and never lost touch with them,” Tiave recalls. Former students of Dung attended her memorial at the auditorium and showed how much she was loved by everyone. “She supported me through college and beyond; she remained actively involved in our lives,” Tiave reflects.

In sports and beyond, Dung’s legacy shines through the lives she touched and inspired.

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