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Farrington’s Tennis Team!

Hey, future tennis players, are you excited about tennis season? Tennis season starts this upcoming October! Farrington’s Girls' Junior Varsity Tennis Team will open up tryouts at the start of October, led by Coach Elianna Kantar. While trying out for the team, players will participate in a sports physical and turn in all the required paperwork to the athletic director, Mr. Harold Tanaka. Team practices will be three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

While speaking to the coach of the Tennis Team, Ms. Kantar, she shared that tennis can be a lifelong activity for students. “Tennis is a sport that helps students develop their communication and collaboration skills,” said Kantar. She has coached tennis for six to seven years; she has only started coaching at Farrington this year. 

When athletes try out for the team, Kantar says that the roster depends on the number of people trying out; if more people sign up, then Kantar will accept athletes based on their tennis skills. With a roster, she likes to give her athletes the choice to advocate for their team leaders. Team captains can also organize their social events for team bonding experiences.

Farrington used to have a tennis team consisting of community members; Kantar will bring the tennis team back to Farrington. “We didn't have a program last year, so we don’t know what to expect, but everyone is so excited and supportive that it makes me even more energized for what we can accomplish'' says Kantar. Aspiring athletes, mark your calendars and try out for our Girls' JV Tennis team!

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