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  • Sean Alonzo

Farrington High School, ARE YOU READY?

Have you ever been in a Pep Rally? Well, pep rallies are meetings of students before a school sports event. ASB Secretary Miavanna Maiava and Pep Rally Coordinator Ms. Theresa Schubert were asked about the purpose of a pep rally and more on the recent Pep Rally back in March.

Pep Rallies “enhance school spirit and boost the culture and pride within our community,” said

Maiava. Pep Rallies at Farrington High School have competitive school spirit games between the four different classes; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. “The class winners of Pep Rallies are based on their placing during competitive minigames,” said Schubert. To show school spirit, the class winners of the Pep Rally get the honor of the school spirit stick!

Speaking of competitive minigames, each class gets spirit points based on their

standings in the games played; whether first or last, every class scores points! On March 8th, the Pep Rally consisted of many competitive minigames, and additional spirit points were awarded to the class that wore the most maroon! 

After calculating the points, the winners of the Pep Rally were the Juniors! Congratulations Class of 2025! Want to show that your class has the most school spirit? Make sure to answer Google forms sent out from ASB through email or check the school’s Instagram page!

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