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Diamonds, Show Us Your Spirit!

Last month, the Juniors class at Farrington High School held their class week to show their school spirit! It took place during the week of March 11th to March 15th. Their series of class events took place all around campus: in classrooms, on the football field, and amphitheater. 

Joshua Galicha, the Co-chair of the Spirit and Events Committee for the class of 2025 shared that he planned for the events all summer. “The purpose of Junior Class Week was to boost our student body’s spirit, have fun, and make memories. My  personal goal was to get other Juniors out of their comfort zones, meet new people, and try new things,” said Galicha

On Monday, students had to dress up as a red flag. A “red flag” portrays the idea of an unlikable trait in a person’s physical appearance or personality. As for how the students chose to portray “red flag” behavior was up to them to decide.

The two activities that were hosted on Monday were a team-bonding activity of tug-of-war and a competitive game of Jenga with large blocks.

Then, on Tuesday, students got a chance to dress up as teachers/staff. This is where students chose a teacher they admired or had a similar wardrobe to and dressed as them.

As for activities, there was a game of Balloon Stomp, which tested each individual’s agility and technique, with the other activity being a team bonding activity of the three-legged race.

Next, on Wednesday, students dressed up as their favorite entertainment artists. For this day, students wore an outfit that would portray their favorite musical artist. If they had more than one, they were able to do a mix of styles between their favorite artists or just choose to base their outfits on one artist. 

Some additional activities that were included were a Water Bucket Relay, a team effort game, and Water Balloon Volleyball, testing each student’s strategic and athletic skills.

On Thursday, the Juniors hosted: Wear Bright Colors and Bring Your Favorite Stuffed Animal Day. Students got to channel their inner child on this day and bring a stuffed animal that was special to them.

As for activities, there was a circus-themed photo booth and the Farrington Art Club hosted a face-painting booth. Additionally, boba lovers got to enjoy boba from the Milky Way Boba Truck, which was on campus.

The final day of class week was Teal Out! To show support and school spirit for the Diamond class, students involved in class week were supposed to wear teal. The more teal people wore, the better it was for the Junior class because it showed their class spirit.

The activities of Archery Tag and Knockerballs were hosted. Both of these are athletic games that test students’ athletic skills, making the game fun for students.

The Junior Class Advisor, Ms. Erika Ebanez shared: “It was nice to see students willing to participate and engage in the activities. It reflects the pride of our class and the school spirit we strive to have. The class week was a success, and I’m glad that our student council was able to plan this," said Ebanez

As for improvements, Shanelle Tesoro, the Public Relations executive council member shared, “Our student engagement was great, but we could make some organizational improvements," said Tesoro.

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