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  • Caroleen Mairu

Which Bathroom?

FHS limited bathrooms to students...why?

Farrignton High School: a public high school located in Oahu, Hawai’i, named after the late Wallace Rider Farrington, the sixth governor of the Territory of Hawai’i who served from 1921 to 1929. Farrington has about two bathrooms for each gender in every building. As for all these bathrooms the students of Farrington High School are limited to one each building.

Km Enlet, a Farrington High School student, approves of the limited bathrooms in school. Enlet agrees it was the right thing to do as it helps the janitors with less work with cleaning them. Whenever vandalism takes place there it is easily and quickly cleaned due to the limited bathrooms.

According to if adults avoid unsanitary bathrooms, it's understandable if students avoid the school restrooms as well. The main reason for students is the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms.FHS limited bathrooms and why they are limited to students.

Larry Tamashiro, head of security of FHS, stated that the cause of the limited bathrooms is the students themselves. Tamashiro said, "most students go in the bathroom to smoke or just hang out, even though there's other students who actually need it.’’

Adding onto Tamashiro’s response, Hartwell Lee Loy, Vice Principal of the Business Academy, explained that in the past, Farrington had restroom monitors but those monitors are now past graduates. Lee Loy said "There have been reports to include students being harassed, assaulted, and hanging out without permission."

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