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The Up and Coming Renovation of Farrington

After 86 years, Farrington High School finally plans on making renovations to the school.

Built in 1936, Farrington High School has gone unchanged for 86 years. People come and go, some go back to teach at the school they’ve come to know and love but the building itself is admittedly becoming old and worn out; it’s time for change.

Sandy Ramiscal, a 1991 graduate and current teacher at Farrington High School, shared her feelings on Farrington's renovations. "Facility upkeep is very important because if the facilities were newer, nicer, and safer, then students seem to be a little more proud and will take care of the place better.” Ramiscal believes students come and go, and every year we say hello to new faces as we say goodbye to old ones but the look and architecture of Farrington High School still remains. “It [Farrington High School's student population] used to be a lot bigger though and when I was still in school as a student, Farrington only had grades 10 through 12. It wasn’t until I graduated that they began to add Freshmen.” said Ramiscal.

Ramsical commented on what Farrington's renovation means to her, “I know that there's a lot of funding involved, and sometimes the state decides to use funding in different places because they need different needs across the state. I just feel that the state should fund us with better equipment like electronics and upgrading some of the architecture, like how I have an air conditioner in the back room but I never turn it on because it shuts off the wall [electricity].”

A map of Farrington's planned renovations has been published. “The gym would move to where the pool is like a 3 level multi-center, an amphitheater in between I and J building, a tennis court on the side next to the cafeteria, and they wanted to move the office to the library so it’s easily accessible to adults getting in.” Recalled Ramiscal.

The future of Farrington seems bright! Every generation after us will have a new and improved High School which we hope continues to uphold what Farrington sAfter 86 years, Farrington High School finally plans on making renovations to the school.tood for.

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