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The darkest night for our dear Dark Knight

Legendary voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy's recent passing and how it affected students that are fans of Batman.

Kevin Conroy who is well known for his iconic role as the voice of Batman has sadly died on Nov. 10, 2022. Conroy’s beloved performance started with “Batman The Animated Series” in Sept. 5, 1992 and his career lasted all the way to the new game “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” that drops around this year. Over the last three decades, audiences fell in love with Conroy’s voice that contrasted well with the heart wrenching stories that featured the Batman. He gave the Dark Knight a cold and in control tone while never shying from putting some humor and joy in his performance, still being able to make his Bruce Wayne sound like the charming billionaire we all love.

“I feel kind of sad. It’s weird not having him voice Batman in a lot of things anymore but it’s still good that we had him.” Jaxon Fox, Farrington HS c/o25

With the huge amount of time audiences spent with Conroy and his voice, the man himself - just like Batman - had a heart of gold as videos online of Conroy’s live streams and at Comic Con, showed fans how much he cared about them as he would talk to each individual directly to cheer them up about whatever they where going through at that point in time. For someone to be so warm in the flesh, it was so clearly obvious that he loved and enjoyed everything about his job and bringing The Caped Crusader to life on T.V. and he adored his fans all the same way, never letting his fame get in the way of who he was and what he loved. This made it all the more tragic to hear him pass away with his short battle with cancer at age 66. Comic book fans all over the world shared their grief, DC, Marvel, it didn’t matter what you preferred; audiences all came together in unity to mourn.

“I feel kind of sad. It’s weird not having him voice Batman in a lot of things anymore but it’s still good that we had him,” stated Jaxon Fox, long time DC fan and Farrington High School student. Fox would continue with, "it’s just time to move on; it's good that he was here. He was an influence but we should also look forward and not hold anyone [past and potential future voice actors] back because they want to voice Batman or they have voiced Batman,” opening the door for others to continue Conroy's legacy. Nathan Keahi, another Farrington student, remembered that his first time hearing Conroy's performance was playing the video game "Batman Arkham City". When asked about his first encounter with Conroy, student Dave Bananguio recalled the animated series.

What connects us all to Conroy is that whenever we watched a show or played a game, Conroy was always there to voice Batman for all of us; that's why he’s everyone's ideal Batman. We’ve all grown up with him. "I would ask him how he does it everyday, being Batman while having cancer,” stated Keahi when asked what he wanted to say to the man. With Conroy gone, the Batman character will still live on with new voice actors to play him, but no matter what Conroy will always be Vengeance, he will always be The Night, and he will forever be Batman.

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