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Student Teachers - What’s it like being one?

Do you have a student teacher in one of your classes? If so, do you wonder what it’s like being a student teacher? Two student teachers have shared their personal experiences about being a student teacher. 

Ms. Kate Jenkins shared what it’s like being a student teacher: “It’s hectic. But it’s also a pleasant feeling because sometimes [it makes] me feel like I’m back in high school. [Student teaching] also helps to give me experience in teaching. I try to make sure everyone is following the rules and listening so that they can understand [the lessons taught in class].” said Jenkins. 

Another student teacher, Mr. Den Cabinlit, shared: “I think it’s a rewarding experience. I graduated from Farrington, so when I student teach, I feel like I’m giving back to my community. The students here are nice and hardworking,” Cabinet said. Cabinlit also enjoys the type of connections he makes with the students. Since Mr. Cabinlit is an alumni,  he understands students and their positions, which allows him to make proper connections. He believes that in turn, the students will want to listen to what he says.

So if you ever wonder what it is like being a student teacher and wonder what it’s like from their point of view, we have two student teachers who brought out their experiences and are willing to share!

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