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Staying DECAcated

DECA is a Distributive Education Club of America, a program recommended for students with an interest in business and leadership. DECA serves as a platform for new learning experiences and facilitates students in exploring career paths and aspirations. 

At Farrington High School, Mr Kalalea Montgomery started this club, driven by a passion for allowing students to engage in projects and presentations aimed at showcasing products to companies. 

Montgomery currently opens DECA to all academics who want to join DECA and students can showcase their knowledge. Students who aren't a part of DECA can still attend DECA meetings while being open-minded,  “Students are motivated to keep continuing,” said Montgomery. 

In DECA students hone their public speaking, and communication while opening their perspectives through interactions with the public. Along with DECA giving over two hundred thousand dollars in scholarships awarded, DECA provides several benefits for students, preparing them for future endeavors. 

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