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  • Natalee Batangan

Project College Bound

AP exam fees at Farrington have been greatly reduced with UHA’s generous donation of $25,000. This is Project College Bound.

AP exam fees can range from around $50 to $150 depending on the type of exam, eligibility for reduction, and location. Compared to a regular college course, which is between $1,000 to $3,000, AP course exams are significantly reduced for high school students.

“I think being in AP Art really changed me and helped me with my time management. It gave me a taste of real-world experiences.” Julian Sanchez, Farrington AP Art student.

Angie Koanui, the AP coordinator states, “We have always received subsidies from both College Board and the state of Hawai'i to help offset fees for just our students who are free or reduced lunch status.” But fee reductions aren’t always guaranteed for those not eligible for free or reduced meals.

Harris Nakamoto, Farrington’s community liaison, is taking further steps to shorten the fee gap between students eligible and not eligible for free or reduced meals with College Bound.

The College Bound program at Farrington seeks to encourage and support teachers, students, and families to remove barriers to obtaining a college education through community partnerships.

Nakamoto explains, “I bring different business leaders and organizations all to our campus. And one of them was UHA Health Insurance.” With his understanding of the situation here at Farrington, he was able to tell a story to the community and eventually secured a donation that significantly reduced AP exam fees for all students.

Nakamoto believes that this is only the beginning of Project College Bound. “Farrington High School would welcome a partnership with UHA to kick off this project for many years to come. Let’s plant the seed with a $25,000 donation to commit to our College Bound students,” Nakamoto states.

Howard Lee, CEO and President of UHA Health Insurance, aims to broaden the future of this program with this donation by inspiring other companies to partner up with Farrington. “We’ll continue to support (College Bound) as long as we can and continue to give opportunities.”

With this reduction, students at Farrington only need to pay $20 per exam, and $8 if they qualify for free and reduced meals. Students at the AP Thank You Assembly shared their stories and expressed their gratitude for UHA in their efforts to support their education.

Julian Sanchez, a sophomore taking the AP Art course said, “I think being in AP Art really changed me and helped me with my time management. It gave me a taste of real-world experiences.”

“AP Biology was rigorous and academically challenging,” said Bobit Patao, a senior in AP Biology. Patao still expressed his love for college benefits and the engaging learning environment.

Students, teachers, and families are very grateful for UHA’s heartfelt donation to Farrington’s AP program and will continue to be with future partnerships. This is College Bound.

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