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  • Erin Layelle Campos

Mystic Moon Sophomores Council Election!

At Farrington High School, each grade level, spanning from freshmen to seniors, is led by a group of student leaders in a student council. Elections are a highly anticipated event, allowing students to step up and represent their peers. The sophomore class of 2026, whose mascot is the Mystic Moons, is currently getting ready for their election.

"It teaches us that competition shouldn’t be seen as a means of viewing the other person as an ‘enemy." Aleah Asis, FHS c/o 26

These elections hold multiple candidates applying for various positions, including the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, and respective committees that focus on preparing school events such as spirit (homecoming and class week), fundraising, Prom, Senior Luau, and graduation committee. The current student council officers choose these elections through interviews.

Aleah Asis, a sophomore at Farrington High School, shared her thoughts on the upcoming election. “For me, of course, I feel nervous, but at the same time excited as only time will tell,” said Asis. Like many other candidates, Asis is eager to make a difference in her student body. 

With multiple candidates running for the same positions, the election dynamics are set to shift. Asis believes that competition will happen, providing more options for the student body and challenging the candidates to stand out in their interviews. “It teaches us that competition shouldn’t be seen as a means of viewing the other person as an ‘enemy’”, said Asis. Asis sees it as an opportunity for growth and collaboration.

Asis emphasizes the importance of working together regardless of the election results. “Collaborating with other students/candidates is a crucial skill to work with everyone, especially in this type of professional environment.”

However, Asis expressed concern about friend groups running for student council together. “I see it as more negative results,” said Asis. “When friend groups run for student council together and one doesn’t make it, it shifts the dynamic.” As the campaign and election processes progress until March 2nd, Friday, the Farrington High School sophomores are ready to see who their next student council representatives will be. With nerves, excitement, and commitment, candidates like Asis are ready to step up and serve their classmates.

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