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  • Sherisse DelaCruz and Yuan Yasay

Macy’s: may cease to exist

Macy’s in Hawaii is experiencing business issues.

As of January 2023, Macy’s has been gradually closing down stores that have shown no sign of improvement or productivity. Across the country, Macy’s has closed down in places such as California, Colorado, Maryland, and Hawaii. Recent closures have been taking place in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

According to Sportskeeda, customers may have to look for alternatives to shop at or online shopping, such as Amazon, Ebay, and etc. Lucy Forbes, a teacher at Farrington High school, states, “I could tell that this is how society is progressing because there are more people who are buying online instead of going to an actual store.”

Beginning in January, the company is running clearance sales to remove all of their old stocks and to permanently close their doors. According to Aljon Tacata, a teacher at Farrington High school, a frequent shopper at Windward mall, states, “many items are on sale for about 40-60 percent off. They also dismantled shelves, tables, chairs, and decorations, so they’re on sale.”

Affected employees in all four affected areas will be offered jobs at nearby locations. Tacata mentions, “This will definitely lessen the job opportunities for people working at Macy’s and those who live in Kaneohe.” The company is working to adjust the reduction of staffing in some stores and to add more employees in others.

Although the company has no plans to go out of business, they plan to carry out a growth strategy that targets over 125 stores throughout the next few years.

The company’s decision to close stores is part of the Polaris strategy. This strategy focuses on strengthening the relationship between its customers, workers, and products. The three-year Polaris Strategy is believed to be better adapted to the evolving retail ecosystem.

This strategy also helps to prepare the company for a launch of the next phase of a successful Macy’s Star Rewards loyalty program and fix the cost base to stabilize or grow profitability. A junior at Farrington High School, stated, “I love shopping at Macys because they have a variety of products, such as makeup, clothes, shoes, etc.”

According to Macysinc, the company will invest in technology improvements, such as its websites, for instance, and other mobile apps to improve fashion experience.

An anonymous source stated that Macy’s has everything you love all in one place. The company is known to have a wide variety of products, ranging from housewares, hair and nail care, gifts, shoes, designer handbags, jewelry, and activewear.

The company will include some physical improvements to the store, invest in merchandising, local marketing, and talent. The store’s new strategy will provide a better and a more consistent shopping experience for shoppers whenever they encounter a Macy’s brand.

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