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Induction: Class of 2026

Farrington High School's Induction: '23-24

Farrington High School held their ‘23-24 class induction ceremony on May 10, 2023. The inductio ceremony was held for the incoming council members and included the outgoing members. The ceremony grants the incoming council students the official position in the council and also releases the outgoing council members from it. This includes all student council classes, and also includes the ASB, also known as the Associated Student Body.

“Being inducted basically feels like the beginning of the song ‘Congratulations’ by Mac Miller.” - Aleah Denise Asis, Homecoming Chair for Farrington’s Class of 2026

Theresa Schubert, who is the Student Activities Coordinator for Farrington High School, explains the process of induction and what it is. “Induction is a ceremony to formally introduce or enter an elected official into their respective position. Associated Student Body officers and all Class Council officers are inducted on the same day, at the same ceremony.” Schubert also explains the importance of induction, “Induction is important as it officially, and publicly, signifies the segue from the outgoing to the incoming officer teams. This marks the handing over of duties from one set of elected officials to the next team.” Those who are involved in the induction ceremony include the outgoing Associated Student Body, who plan the event, the incoming and outgoing council members, alongside their friends and family, and Schubert herself, who oversees the planning ideas and financial decisions.

Aleah Denise Asis, who is the Homecoming Chair for Farrington’s Class of 2026, explains how she feels now that she was officially inducted. “Now that I am officially a part of the council, I feel that I can finally put my leadership skills to the test and overall just be proud of myself.” Asis also comments on her position as being class of 2026’s Homecoming Chair. “As the Homecoming Chair I am dedicated to having a positive influence on the student body by ensuring that everyone feels included in the activities leading up to and during Homecoming week."

Errol John Romero, who is the Class of 2026’s Fundraising Chair, describes how when he was being inducted, he felt scared but confident in himself. “Now, I feel quite okay that I'm officially a council member helping the Class of 2026.” Romero describes his role in the Class of 2026 council as well. “My role in the student council is to gain money for the whole class of 2026. Therefore, fundraising is what I'll be doing to provide great events in the future.”

Mikaela Paet, who is the Class of 2026’s Co-chair of the Froshmore Committee, also describesd her experience of being inducted. “It feels good to be inducted.” For Paet’s position, she describes it as communicating with the incoming Class of 2027 and working together with them for the ‘26-27 Froshmore.

While induction can be frightening, it offers a sense of satisfaction, as it releases the outgoing council members and welcomes the incoming members, where they officially gain their position and role. Described by Asis, “Being inducted basically feels like the beginning of the song ‘Congratulations’ by Mac Miller.”

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