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Esports, The Technological Big Thing!

Hey gamers, do you want to be part of the Esport future? The Farrington High School gaming committee has a meeting during lunch to discuss the current plans for hosting a game tournament. If you want to learn more about these events, here's some information from the vice president of Esports.

As shortly summarized from a quote the vice president of esports said about their schedules, currently every Tuesday or Thursday, the gaming committee has meetings and gets to play video games, socialize with each other, and have fun. As for their current plans, there will be a tournament on the game Super Smash Bros.

The vice president of esports, Frank Palacios, stated: “The way Esports sets up their events is that we have it once every quarter like I said before and we normally always have it on Saturdays. Students from Farrington High School can play for free while others have to pay to enter.” In summary, quarterly there will be a tournament in which students from Farrington and other nearby schools can participate. As of now, it is unknown what the range price could be for visitors when they want to enter Esports. 

For those wondering how long Esports has been around, the vice president of Esports stated that Esports is in its first year and it’s entirely new right at the start of Junior year. However, Frank says that there was an Esports club before but thinks it was stopped due to COVID-19, thus disbanding the club until now.

“To get people to understand how important technology is, nowadays we have to push technology out there. As we all know, the times are changing, more people are interested in technology now and esports is a great way to get people interested and to also get them to release their passions for gaming." It’s pretty much a great and welcoming experience for those who love gaming and are interested in technology. They even have field trips to colleges, see their gaming labs, and experience the technology there.

For other information on what current games esports usually plays, the common games/tournaments so far they usually host have only been Super Smash Bros. Despite the gaming committee having esports and playing other games, they do have plans on forming a Valorant team which was their second plan. The games that were hosted once were a mini stream for the game Guilty Gears. Recently, they have no other plans on hosting any other games and are only sticking with Super Smash Bros and Valorant. 

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