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Closing of Aloha Stadium

Aloha stadium is closing is due to financial issues and the city's desire to improve on its original design.

Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium will be torn down to make way for a new $420 million entertainment district featuring a new stadium. Aloha stadium, which has been used for - amongst other things - football, was home to the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football team. The stadium also hosted football games for Oʻahu's high school teams.

“Our high schools lose the experience of playing in a venue that allows our families to see them play,” said Soloman Batoon, teacher from Farrington high school.

Aloha Stadium will bid the public before closing for good. This will give the community one final opportunity to visit this iconic landmark.

“It has been a family tradition to go to a Friday night game where we can see three teams play in one place,” said Batoon.

The closure was related to financial issues caused by COVID-19 pandemic and a $400 million price tag for needed repairs.

“One of my fondest memories of the Aloha Stadium was my high school graduation. We were the first class to graduate from Radford at the Aloha Stadium.” said a Radford High School graduate. “Aloha Stadium is overdue for the reconstruction because it is for everybody’s safety so that it will be more efficient and more stable than the current stadium.”

“I think the rebuilding of the new stadium will take about five years because it will be more advanced and will have more capacity for people to be in,” the Radford graduate added.

“I am hoping it will be better than the old structure because it will be designed and reconstructed based on the state of the art structure,” said a Waikiki resident.

Aloha stadium was built and constructed in 1975 at a cost of $37 million dollars.

“The new stadium will be better because it will be updated, more hightech and there will be more elevators, and more concession area,” added the Waikiki resident.

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