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  • Natalee Batangan and Sherisse Dela Cruz

Blooming Beauty Brings Bare Walls to Life

Campus beautification is an ongoing process that will help to improve the campus environment at Farrington.

Here at Farrington, campus beautification promotes an environment that fosters connections, learning, and school pride. Recently, efforts towards improving the school environment, like painting murals and building projects, began to kickstart enthusiasm for campus beautification.

According to artsandculture, POW! WOW! is an artist collective that originated in Hawaii and celebrates different cultures, music, and art. It has grown into a global network of artists and is known for beautifying communities with cultural and creative expression.

“It’s a fun life. I get to travel the world, share my gift and creativity, and meet really cool people. I love it.” - Max Sansing

“Being a part of the POW! WOW! 2023 Festival is really awesome exposure for us and gets artists more involved,” says Hazel Ito, a General Art teacher here at Farrington. Artists from all over the world who participated in POW! WOW! Hawaii have come to Farrington to help beautify our campus.

Max Sansing, a muralist from Colorado expresses his love for art and large-scale paintings. “I was always painting since I was 14, and I liked to see the impact they had on neighborhoods and younger artists.”

Being inspired by his surroundings and childhood experiences, Sansing continues to beautify neighborhoods and communities by sharing his gift with the world. His mural, “In Bloom,” located on the Makai side of I-building, symbolizes the transition from adolescence to adulthood in highschool.

A couple from Los Angeles also shares their creativity with Farrington: Trisha and Darren Inouye, also known as Giorgiko. The Inouyes feel that art is a gift that should be shared with everyone, as they traveled the world and have an art school of their own.

Their mural located on the Mauka side of I-Building presents a girl that is reaching up towards the sky and pushing her hand down towards a dog. “Dogs in our paintings represent human nature and things that we tend to hold onto. In this case, the girl is letting go and putting things to the side so she can reach for something better,” the Inouyes concluded.

“The beautification part is important, but it’s more than that. It takes all of us to work together to create that ownership and responsibility for it,” said Farrington High School Vice Principal Hartwell Lee Loy. “Farrington is our home away from home, so we need to be able to ensure that it’s an environment everyone is proud of.”

Student-lead projects for campus beautification are beginning to accelerate around campus. The Creative Arts and Technology Academy and Engineering Academy at Farrington High School plan to take on projects that require building benches, painting murals, and growing gardens. The Business Academy is already looking towards adopting an improved courtyard at A-Building.

“It was always in our hearts to be able to serve our community, to share not only skill and technique, but our hearts and a hopeful message.” - Trisha and Darren Inouy

Campus beautification means a lot to the Farrington community; it means collaboration, pride, and school spirit. Many students, teachers, and staff would love to continue to pursue projects toward creating a better campus environment.

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