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Ari Sensei, Farrington’s New Japanese teacher!

Ms. Ari Lim previously taught writing classes in Korea. Recently, Lim started teaching Japanese 2 and 3 at Farrington High School. Lim chose to teach Japanese as it is her second language. Lim is trilingual in Korean, Japanese, and English. Outside of school, Lim plays the piano. Many may ask, how did Lim come to be?

While speaking to Lim, she shared that her first language was Korean. She needed to learn English from 2nd grade to her senior year in Korea. Learning another language for Lim was less challenging since her father was also trilingual. Regardless, Lim had a difficult time at first having three languages to switch between. Lim’s advice for students who want to learn another language is consistency. Lim recommends routine-based learning with flashcard images.

Lim was a teacher in Korea teaching students to write for ten years. “I enjoyed teaching in Korea, but the environment had intense competition between their students,” said Lim. At her school in Korea, students experience intense academic pressure to earn the highest grades. In Korean schools, only a percentage of the students could receive an A, while others who were not at the top of their class could not receive a high grade.

After she moved to Hawaii, Lim started to teach at Farrington High School. “Beforehand, I looked at other high schools, but Farrington was the only school with a Japanese job opening,” says Lim. She also likes that Farrington is in the center of the community. Alongside that, Lim also believed that Farrington had a good image. Leading Lim to be a Japanese teacher in Farrington.

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